Experts said long-term exposure to PH value of the clothes can cause skin infections

From this year, including 10 suits, coats, trousers, ties and other national standards for clothing have been officially implemented. The new standard on the PH value of clothing and formaldehyde content, etc. have made it clear that the requirements of the clothing label on the express. However, the new standard has been implemented for half a year. However, a survey by the reporter found that most of the clothing sold is still not marked with PH value and formaldehyde content, and many consumers are not quite sure about it.

Survey: Most clothes did not mark PH value

The new national standard direct contact with the skin of clothing, PH value should be controlled between 4.0 and 7.5, non-direct contact with the skin of the garment, PH value should be controlled between 4.0 to 9.0. At the same time suits, trousers formaldehyde content of not more than 300 mg per kilogram. PH value and formaldehyde content must be clearly marked on the clothing label.

What the market situation, this reporter visited Wenchang Road and many other clothing store survey. However, they found that the vast majority of clothing signs are not marked on the PH value and formaldehyde content, including many domestic and international famous brands. Although a small part of the clothing marked a simple "B class" and "can be direct contact with the skin", etc., but there is no specific content of PH and formaldehyde.

Public: Do not care about PH value and formaldehyde content

Reporters found that not only the majority of clothing did not make any indication of PH value and formaldehyde content, but most consumers do not even know that there are national standards.

Wenchang Road Commercial Street, the reporter visited a random number of people are shopping, the results of all respondents do not know the national garment standards. "For personal wear clothes, generally I will care about fabrics, such as cotton or chemical fiber, but as for the PH value of clothing and formaldehyde content did not pay attention, do not know the relevant provisions." Du citizen said. Many people have said that formaldehyde is harmful to the human body, but have not tried skin problems due to wearing clothes.

Some experts said that as clothing is in direct contact with the human body for a long time, if the quality is not up to standard, the harm to the body will be great. If the clothing PH value is too high, it will stimulate the skin, and even lead to skin infections. Long-term human exposure to formaldehyde, can cause dermatitis, itchy skin and other symptoms, severe cases can even lead to infection, ulceration, cancer.

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