On March 3rd, the first Guilin Redwood Furniture Culture Festival in Guilin was held at the Cross Street South Building. Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, Ministry of Agriculture Minister Ye Zhaoquan, deputy director of the Municipal Standing Committee, Lu Shengfa, deputy mayor Wu Jiashi, Deputy CPPCC Vice Minister Yuan Xuxiang attended the opening ceremony.

It is reported that the current mahogany furniture cultural festival is sponsored by the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce and the General Chamber of Commerce, and the Sanshi Redwood Furniture Group is co-organized by Zhejiang Dongyang Redwood Furniture Association. The purpose of holding this event is to use the platform of Redwood Furniture Culture Festival to promote Chinese traditional culture and promote the healthy development of Guilin mahogany furniture culture industry; to popularize mahogany knowledge from mahogany furniture collectors, thus promoting the mahogany furniture industry to the brand. Development.

The Wu family celebrated the opening of the festival. He said that the organization of the first mahogany furniture cultural festival in Guilin, China will effectively promote and stimulate the development of the Guilin mahogany furniture industry. It is hoped that the mahogany furniture associations and top mahogany furniture brands will continue to maintain a good and close cooperative relationship with Guilin. Create a bright future for the mahogany furniture industry in Guilin.

It was also learned that during the eight-day festival of mahogany furniture, the organizers carefully prepared seminars on the subject of mahogany furniture culture, tasting the mahogany furniture culture, famous calligraphy, tea art, appreciation of the piano arts, and other activities.

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